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What is mindlogr about?

BalanceSimply put, Mindlogr is a way for people to record their thoughts so that they can learn, grow and effectively create more meaning in their lives.

Personal logging has always been around in some form or another, from ancient scripts written thousands of years ago, to journals and diaries which people write today, to video logging now and into the future.

The benefits of self reflection has long been documented by many a philosopher and scientist across the ages.

Using the latest internet technologies, we can facilitate this with Mindlogr in a more efficient and fun way!

Furthermore, Mindlogr will also log other information (with user permission), such as weather, fitness and health (via API to platforms like Fitbit and Nike+ Fuelband), and other extra information. This means that when you are looking back at past videos, they become even more useful because this extra information often triggers additional memories which weren't recorded at the time.

There are many ways to use Mindlogr and here are some ideas:

  • personal logging for reflection
  • personal journalling for long term memory storage
  • collaborative recording for joint projects
  • private video reporting
  • keeping on track with goals such as a fitness program or nutrition program
  • creating a life log of you and your family over time, especially useful for recording your children growing up.

Mindlogr is a Not For Profit Social Enterprise

Founded in 2012, Mindlogr has been bootstrapped all the way to ensure that it can continue running for the thousands of people who benefit greatly from using the platform.

It has been run as a not for profit organisation, and as such needs your donations to keep running. Please make a donation to help us keep this platform alive for all those who need mental health support.


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