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Guide Authors

Our guided logs are starting points for members to talk about their issues and these have been put together by our prestigious panel of expert guide authors. As this section grows, we will be partnering with specialists and experts to cover topics in Diet, Dream, Family, Food, Legacy, Love, Personal, Relationships, Sleep, Sports, Study and Work.

Rod Francis

Rod Francis HPC. cert Pos Psych is a London based coach, writer, Director of Training at the Academy of Human Potential alongside Dr Mark Atkinson and is the founder of The Grow Young Project which offers cutting-edge science-backed lifestyle interventions to help create a long healthy life. Rod combines his deep love of science with an approach that encompasses current research in mind/body interactions, positive psychology, mindfulness, presence based coaching models & somatics.


Grace Togun Olugbodi

Grace Togun Olugbodi helps her clients and their families to get proper nutrition for their body and mind. Over the last 8 years, she has helped over 2,000 families find solutions for their nutrition, to look better, feel better, live better and be more energised. She runs healthy cooking workshops internationally teaching families, companies & government officials how to retain nutrition and turn their food into natural medicine for a lifetime.


Fahad Maniar

Fahad is a certified personal trainer, mixed martial arts conditioning coach and qualified kick boxing instructor. He is passionate about health and fitness and helping people achieve results!

His mission in life is to help as many people have more awesome experiences in life by taking back control of their bodies and their minds through personal physical development and training.


Peter Lemon

Peter Lemon is a fifteen year veteran of the health and fitness industry, specialising in a holistic approach to exercise and nutrition. Peter is also the founder of the Academy of Fitness Professionals, where he offers certified industry recognised courses for all levels.

Before he started his own business, Peter was the top-grossing personal trainer at European gym chain Esporta. Peter is committed to enabling both his clients and his students to excel, whatever their ambitions.


Eddie Yu

Eddie is the founder of Mindlogr, but he has been involved with personal and business coaching since 2007. Certified as a master NLP practitioner, he is well versed in the areas of personal development and psychotherapy. His keen interest in the human mind has lead him to create Mindlogr to help everyone improve their mindsets, and the guides he has put together are ones he's been using successfully with clients for years.


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Founded in 2012, Mindlogr has been bootstrapped all the way to ensure that it can continue running for the thousands of people who benefit greatly from using the platform.

It has been run as a not for profit organisation, and as such needs your donations to keep running. Please make a donation to help us keep this platform alive for all those who need mental health support.


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