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Reflect, Relive and Record

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Standard Account

This plan tailored for occasional users will be $1/month (or $10/year - 2 months free).

  • Create more private log books
    • The ability to create additional log books for other logging activities, up to 10 log books (not including archived ones).
  • Video keyword tagging
    • Adding video keywords after recording allows users to tag videos for easier categorization and future search.
  • Change book design
    • Each logbook can have it's own color scheme which can be selected through the color picker system.
  • Upload own log background
    • In addition to styles, users can upload their own images and use them as backgrounds. Each log book can have it's own background image.
  • Appoint a custodian
    • Appoint someone who will be the person who gets access to your videos in the event that you pass away. This allows users to safeguard their logs so that can be sure they end up in the right hands.
  • Setup recording reminders
    • The reminder system allows all users to setup reminder emails that help to keep them on track with their log books.
  • Automatic weather data recording
    • Every time a video is recorded, Mindlogr links to global weather data to pick up the weather details at the time and location of recording. This allows us to create interesting reports around how mood correlates with weather changes.
  • Mapping data
    • Mindlogr contains a mapping system that will enable you to pinpoint where in the world exactly did you record your video.
  • Logbook archiving
    • You can have old logbooks archived away for long term storage if you no longer need to record into them.
  • Mind Exploration Guide (MEG)
    • Mindlogr has a special way to help trigger thoughts and memories as well as ask those difficult questions that don't always get asked.
  • Record into shared video books
    • Users have the ability to record into any number of shared log books for group logging purposes.
  • Download recordings
    • Users can download all their own recordings for their personal storage and use.
  • SSL encryption 128-bit
    • Mindlogr uses the strongest encryption across the entire site to ensure all data is kept private and totally secure. Our certificates are issued by GlobalSign.
    • Just check out the padlock icon on your browser website address bar for more info.
  • File uploads
    • All users can upload video files of any size to their account. Video files are compressed to ensure that the transfers are quick.
  • Mobile access
    • All users have the ability to record and upload via their mobile devices via the mobile browser. It means that you can record on the go and store videos whenever you want.
  • Guided logs
    • All users have access to the catalog of guided logbooks written by expert guide authors. These guides help beginner vloggers to start talking around specific topics. (examples)

Premium Account

Upgrade to a premium account for just $5/month (or $50/year - 2 months free) and you'll get these additional benefits as well.

  • Private sharing
    • Private sharing can be done within private log books. Premium users can use this feature to share a single video to any email address. A private share will be setup with a secure password and complex URL only for the sharing video user.
  • Create shared log books
    • Mindlogr has the capability to create log books which allow multiple people to share into the same log book. This means you can collaborate on video, without the necessity of it being real-time like Skype.
    • It gives people the ability to create private shared log books for secured group sharing.
  • DropboxGoogle DriveLink to Cloud Drives
    • Mindlogr allows users to link their cloud storage accounts so that the videos they record are automatically download into a separate Mindlogr folder on their cloud drives.
    • It also keeps all videos managed in their correct logbook folders with accurate date and timestamps. Videos in shared log books will also be downloaded for all sharing users who have enabled their Cloud Drive links.
    • Currently this feature supports Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • More time
    • Premium users can record as much as they like, free users can record up to 100 minutes per month.
  • More log books
    • Free users can create up to 10 private log books, premium users can create an unlimited amount of log books for whatever purposes they require.
    • Users love to create different log books for different thoughts, from work, love, personal to scientific studies, or group projects.
  • Longer recordings
    • Premium users get to record up to 15 minutes per video whereas free users get 5 minutes per video.
  • SMS Reminders
    • Premium users can add their mobile telephone numbers to get SMS text based reminders to record an entry, based on the recording reminder times setup.
  • No watermark
    • Videos recorded on a premium account will not have any watermarking applied to the recordings.
  • HD recording
    • Free account videos are saved at 640x480 resolution. Premium account users have the options to store videos at 1280x720 HD resolution or at a lower resolution depending on their broadband connection. It is advisable to have a high speed broadband (recommended 20mbps or higher) and HD webcam to use this feature.

Free Basic Account

You can also use Mindlogr for free so that everyone can get the benefits of this mindfulness practice of self reflection.

Free accounts do have some restrictions as you will see the differences in the comparison table below.

Let's compare

Basic StandardPremium
Move, manage and delete videos yes yes yes
Download recordings yes yes yes
Record audio only yes yes yes
SSL encryption 128-bit yes yes yes
Logbook archiving yes yes yes
Location map data yes yes yes
Mind Exploration Guide yes yes yes
Video keyword tagging yes yes yes
Customizable design yes yes yes
Upload own background images yes yes yes
Appoint a custodian yes yes yes
Setup recording reminders yes yes yes
Automatic weather data gathering yes yes yes
File upload facility yes yes
Mobile recording yes yes
Guided logs yes yes
HD recording yes
SMS Reminders   yes
No watermark   yes
Private video sharing   yes
Create shared log books   yes
Link to Cloud Drives   yes
Max number of log books 1 10 unlimited
Time limit 50 mins/month 100 mins/month unlimited
Recording length 2 mins/video 5 mins/video 15 mins/video
Cost FREE $1/month$5/month

Join today for free, sign up here

Mindlogr is a Not For Profit Social Enterprise

Founded in 2012, Mindlogr has been bootstrapped all the way to ensure that it can continue running for the thousands of people who benefit greatly from using the platform.

It has been run as a not for profit organisation, and as such needs your donations to keep running. Please make a donation to help us keep this platform alive for all those who need mental health support.


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