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What are Guided Logs within Mindlogr?

BalanceIn early 2015 we introduced a new feature to our users called the Guided Log.

This came about from research and customer development processes which identified that a consistent problem which new users faced was knowing what to talk about. They didn't know how to start Mindlogging to improve their lives.

After doing some surveys and researching multiple topic areas, we discovered that when users were guided through particular sets of questions they found it far easier to talk on point, largely due to the fact that they did not have to ask themselves the hard questions, but instead delegated the software to do that job.

Guided logs are a feature where users are prompted to answer questions with each video log they record. A guided log has the aim of helping a user get from point A to point B in the mindset about a particular problem. (video demo link)

For each question which the log presents, the user can record any number of videos to answer that question. The choice is up to the guide author as to whether to recommend the user to record just one video or multiple videos. We ask guide authors to specify how much time overall the complete log will take in general.

Guides can be any number of questions and can last for days or they could be complete in a matter of hours or even minutes.

Specifically, guides are there to help the users get even more about of their head and into their video logs. Imagine that this service is like having a virtual coach or therapist by their side asking them all these questuons which relate to a spefic topic.

The categories which we are covering are:

  • Diet
  • Dream
  • Family
  • Food
  • Legacy
  • Love
  • Personal
  • Relationships
  • Sleep
  • Sports
  • Study
  • Work

If you are an expert in one of these topic areas, and you would like to become a Guide Author, please download the submission form here.

You can also log into Mindlogr to experience a demo of the guided log by using the username and password "demo15".

Mindlogr is a Not For Profit Social Enterprise

Founded in 2012, Mindlogr has been bootstrapped all the way to ensure that it can continue running for the thousands of people who benefit greatly from using the platform.

It has been run as a not for profit organisation, and as such needs your donations to keep running. Please make a donation to help us keep this platform alive for all those who need mental health support.


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