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Live Recording

Easy one click recording straight into Mindlogr

Using the webcam interface directly from the users computer, Mindlogr will record the video straight into the system without the need to save and upload.

Secure & Private

Total encryption to protect your videos

Mindlogr uses extreme TLS1.0 128-bit encryption using AES_128_CBC, with SHA1 for message authentication and an RSA key exchange mechanism. Basically it means it's super strong, to super protect your logs.

Mobile Recording & File Upload

On the go access and recording

Record from anywhere and upload into your log books. Mobile access provides location flexibility and file uploads means that you can record non-stop and upload later.

Timeline Management

Total control over your entries

Micro-management tools allow users to modify video dates, title, notes, topic tags and logbooks. It means you can upload files from the past and organize them into meaningful logbooks, e.g. My Holiday Videos

Multiple logbooks

Start a new logbook for each area of your life

Mindlogr allows users to create additional logbooks so that you can start a new logbook for different topics in your life. People often have a personal logbook, but what about a work or health one as well.


Customize each log book

Make each log book your own with color schemes and the ability to upload your own images as backgrounds. This gives each log book a unique feel and character.

Cloud Storage

Your own copy of everything

Link up cloud storage platforms like Dropbox or Google Drive and keep a self organized backup of every entry you make.

Guided Logs

Thought provoking guides

Expert authors have created special guides to help members to talk about specific topics to learn more about themselves.
live recording
Secure & Private
mobile & upload
Timeline tools
multiple logbooks
cloud storage
Guided logs

Where are people recording from?

The map below shows in real time where in the world people are recording their video logs in the last 30 days.

Mindlogr is a Not For Profit Social Enterprise

Founded in 2012, Mindlogr has been bootstrapped all the way to ensure that it can continue running for the thousands of people who benefit greatly from using the platform.

It has been run as a not for profit organisation, and as such needs your donations to keep running. Please make a donation to help us keep this platform alive for all those who need mental health support.


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